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Paul Whitby is a local artist who is following his heart and people are responding. Paul works primarily in recycled steel and mixed media. His work can be viewed at the Sculpture Resource Center gallery located at 640 N. Stone Ave in Tucson, AZ where Paul shares studio space with other SRC artists.

His sculptures have ranged from table top pieces like a steel heart in an antique meat grinder to interactive sculptures people can touch and stand on to experience the feeling of the piece and provoke thought.



*Paul Whitby*

Paul’s artworks are not just mere objects; they are at times expressions of his emotional state.  There are artworks that contain a tongue in cheek humor or satirical twist that invites the observer to ponder upon the artwork in unexpected ways and in which the viewer can experience the universal metaphor of sorrow and laughter such as in the “Broken Heart” series.  At times these sculptures are constructed so the audience can physically engage in moving and rearranging how the artwork is to be viewed.

Paul’s use of scrap metal, found objects, savaged wood, and minerals are positioned in juxtaposition by the intrinsic combing of these materials through the means of fabrication and developed through his emotion and intellect.  He finds inspiration by encountering and sighting the materials for their tension, visual motion, and emoting values.

Marc David Leviton, MFA, Independent Curator Tucson, AZ

"Church and State"  (Steel)

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